Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pancho Clos

Meet Pancho Clos. He is Santa Claus' cousin who lives in the South Pole. Although he normally does not bear gifts or toys, he does carry tons candies and spreads the message of goodwill. Instead of a sleigh or reindeers, Pancho Clos rides a cart pulled by burros (donkies).

Both Santa Claus and Pancho Clos work very close together on Christmas Eve. Those places Santa Claus is unable to take his sleigh, Pancho Clos is able to reach easily. And those places that don’t permit livestock on the road, Santa Claus is able to sneak bye overhead.

Pancho Clos originated through a song by Cuco Sanchez. The original story was written in Spanish by Jesse Reyes from Lubbock, Texas.

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